Bridge the Gap Between Electrical and Mechanical Design,  Learn how with SOLIDWORKS PCB

A major challenge for electrical, electronics, and mechanical design teams has been the inability to transfer data efficiently between electrical and mechanical tools. SOLIDWORKS® 2017 has bridged that gap with solutions that bring these operations together into a single, cohesive environment. The new capabilities take advantage of a unified environment for schematic and layout tools that combines the electronics design expertise of Altium® with the ease of use of SOLIDWORKS.

With SOLIDWORKS PCB 2017, you can:

  •     Select the best routing options based on design constraints
  •     Customize electronic design rule checks
  •     Locate and select new components with real-time supplier data
  •     Incorporate SOLIDWORKS models within the PCB Design environment and verify electro
    mechanical design intent
  •     Easily collaborate between electronic and mechanical design teams

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how the combination of SOLIDWORKS and Altium allows you to seamlessly synchronize electronic and mechanical design on demand.


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