Stop Wasting Time and Effort with Inefficient Inspection Methods

Stop Wasting Time and Effort with Inefficient Inspection Methods, Learn how with SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Though producing inspection documentation can be a lengthy process, ensuring the highest level of quality at all times is paramount when it comes to designing industrial equipment. SOLIDWORKS® Inspection dramatically reduces the time it takes to produce Inspection documentation by streamlining and automating the creation of ballooned inspection drawings and First Article inspection reports.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection allows you to:

  • Utilize all of the intelligent information required, such as geometric tolerances and marked dimensions
  • Define new projects in seconds using pre-saved templates
  • Balloon together all of the drawing dimensions chosen based on your personal preferences
  • Automatically generate inspection reports in spreadsheet format

WATCH THE VIDEO to learn more about how SOLIDWORKS Inspection enables Industrial Equipment manufacturers to produce higher-quality products faster, while accelerating time to market. Get full access to videos showcasing SOLIDWORKS tools and solutions for designing industrial equipment.


Ngariung Bareng Bekasi Area Solidworks User Group (BASWUG)

Masih ingat dengan BASWUG , bekasi Area SOLIDWORKS User Group ? Masih ingat kapan terakhir kali ngumpul bareng ?  Yups, setelah lama beberapa tahun vakum, akhirnya BASWUG kembali mengadakan pertemuan di daerah Lippo cikarang rumah makan sang kuring, Acara ini di support oleh PT Arisma Data Setia dan disponsori oleh PT DW Indo (Lenovo)

Acara Ngariung bareng ini diadakan secara sederhana dan santai, pertemuan atau ngumpulnya para pengguna SOLIDWORKS didaerah bekasi ini berlangsung tidak ada kendala,

Acara dimulai sekitar pukul 2 siang sampai dengan pukul 7 dini hari, acara ini terdiri dari beberapa sesi, dari presentasi seputar SOLIDWORKS 2017, tanya jawab, game, dan makan malam.

berikut dokumentasinya..




Manage Native CAD Files and MBD with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017


Get Your Design Data under Control, Manage Native CAD Files and MBD with SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017

New approaches to documenting parts and assemblies, such as model-based definition (MBD), can streamline communication between supply chains, but can also create more data to be managed. SOLIDWORKS® PDM 2017 helps you get design data under control and ensure that everyone always has the right version.

New capabilities in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 can:

-Auto-generate 3D PDFs to support MBD
-Support native third-party CAD files imported through 3D Interconnect
-Add native CAD files in the check-in structure and track where they are used
-Minimize clutter in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault with an option to overwrite versions

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how you can better control any design data to improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on designs.