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Company Background

PT. Arisma Data Setia is a private company incorporated in the Republic of Indonesia on 8th October 1991. As a System Integrator Company, ADS specializes itself in network design, network development and network system turn key solution as well as CAD solution, in 1996, ADS was trusted to be an authorized SolidWorks resellers in Indonesia.

In positioning itself, ADS has focused on developing strategic alliances with leading industry players to ensure that clients have access to the widest possible array of data communication, network technology and CAD solution; to be reliable and trusted business partner for stakeholders. ADS commit to provide the best value for costumers, employees, shareholders and principals.

Scope of Activities

The company's principal focus is providing a full range of networking and 3D CAD design products and services to demanding organizations, especially those required to have a reliable data communication infrastructure, namely:

Network System Integration, including Design and Installation
- System Implementation and Commissioning, including Project Management
- System Operation and Maintenance
End to end 3D design solution, namely:
- Comprehensive 3D CAD software
- Design Validation
- Product Data Management
- Product Documentation

Human Resources

With a wide range of activities, ADS is supported by 50 employees that have various diversity in discipline of knowledge or in educational background. For the blue collar workers, working skill becomes the first requirements out of formal qualification, while for management employees, it's designated to have a higher education, qualification and related background to their area of duty.

All employees have widely opened opportunities to upgrade their knowledge/ skill and managerial capability to pursue their future career advancement through various educational or training programs conducted by the company.